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About the Artist

Published jewelry artist by trade, painter by divine intervention!  While living in Australia on a work assignment for my husband, I tackled the ever challenging question, "What is my style?".  Viewing wonderful galleries of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Carnes I fell in love with the aboriginal style of art.  I picked up my supplies and i was off!  Animals and flowers seem to be my subjects for now but with the camera always at my side you never know where that will grow.  Anything JOYFUL!

Krelly Designs is my business name, a wonderful 10+ years in the making.  Published in 'Bead and Button', 'Bead Style' magazines, books, and countless newspaper articles for jewelry making and now the painted art!  I have a gallery/shop inside of "The Artfull Garden" in Hillsboro, Oregon where i call home.  Online store is also at Etsy and I still manage to do a few shows during the year. 

Oh, the answer to the question where did "Krelly" come from..... it is a slurrrrr from my Mom calling me and my siblings Ken, Krel, and Cris.  Short for Ken, Kelly, and Crista.  So Kelly became Krelly on a late night hunt for the business name that nobody had.  Now I answer to both : )

Originally from San Diego, California where I met my amazing husband of 25 years!  Had two handsome bright boys, now men.  Brought them to beautiful Hillsboro, Oregon where we now call home for the last 20 years.

Creating fills my soul with joy! Sharing it with others passes that joy along and hopefully inspires others to follow!
— Kelly Nicodemus-Miller